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RPCo.is a specialized research and business advisor that provides the responsive customer service of a boutique in different areas including strategic management, finance and accounting. We also hold Subject Matters Expertise (SME) training courses, seminars and conferences in aforementioned areas and issue national or international certificates of completion accordingly
The cost of the RPCO Courses are not fixed. It is set by course admins and also how long they take. Fees may vary depending on your membership and organization. You can find the exact fees from the our education department or call +988874414 website
The RPCO Education department will produce the certificate after a 7 calendar days. At some condition candidates may collect their results on the 15th day from the seminar or courses held or it is mailed to candidates on the 15th day. Most candidates now collect their certificates from the internet.
If a candidate is absent on the day of the seminar or course s/he will be treated as a 'No Show' candidate. S/he will not get any certificate and if s/he was absent without giving prior notice, will normally lose the full fee or 50 % of it conditionally.
  • We prepare our students to meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing business environment and to excel in a variety of roles, such as:
  • understanding financial statements and its analysis
  • corporate Risk analysis
  • financial policy experts
  • auditing and risk management
  • internal controls over FS
  • assessment designers
  • educational researchers
  • Completed applications (those with all required credentials received) will be reviewed by education departmenet and will be notified of the official decision via regular mail or calling.
    Please read the seminar webpage for specific details on how to register.
    Please contact the instructor of the course and obtain written permission (email is OK) authorizing you to take the course

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    Iranian Accounting Association(IAA)

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    Iranian Association of Internal Audit(IAIA)

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    Management Science Association

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