Academic Program & Curriculum

  • RPCO offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world. RPCO curriculum is built on a singular promise: To produce practice-ready graduates. In addition to your core curriculum, you’ll take upper level electives that concentrate on specific areas of practice. You’ll develop the analytical skills necessary to solve complex financial problems. And you’ll learn from a dedicated full-time faculty and an adjunct faculty of practicing financial analysis who will prepare you to perform effectively at the local, national, and international levels.
  • The curriculum at RPCO is designed to prepare you for an exceptional career. Core, required courses build a strong foundation in doctrinal knowledge, while upper-level elective courses help to shape your future career.
  • We followed teaching and mentoring take place side by side, as faculty and students learn together and collaborate on projects that will change their communities and the world.
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  • Professional Bodies


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    Iranian Accounting Association(IAA)

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    Iranian Association of Internal Audit(IAIA)

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    Management Science Association

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