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RPCO serves as an effective networking and engagement opportunity for companies in public and private sector by researching in business and finance subject matters. With regard to the power of research and knowledge, the research department provides financial and corporate analysis for investors and financial institutions. Most of our Research results on these areas are typically the result of our researchers ‘analysis and also our agents based on the capital market and macroeconomic evidences. Some of our reports contain a review of firms’ situations in the capital market and their related industry as well as an analysis of macroeconomic policies on the firms’ activities that result in a detailed database. On an ongoing basis, this department also maintains close contact and exchanges ideas with the leading economies and their elites, International professional bodies, Security & Exchange Organization and also CEOs.



In addition, the background of our partners shows both their educational and professional capability in different areas including 
 their publications and technical advices on different financial and managerial dilemma. With this belief, they published various books in business and finance such as 
 "Competency based management, financial statements analysis, employee empowerment and forensic auditing" 

Previous Research

57% Complete (Sucess)
14% Complete (info)
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4% Complete (danger)
<More than 57 percent of the studies about TSE listed firms were done on financial issues.Research on Accounting standards and related topics just had a portion of 14 percent among financial studies, research on auditing subjects got only 6 percent among previous studies and author's incentive on the management accounting took just 4 some percent among the previous reports(Nazemi,2005)>

Financial Literacy

40% Complete
30% Complete (info)
20%Complete (warning)
<You know risk of marketplace ? what do you know about i)interest;ii)inflation;and iii)risk diversification ?.Do you believe that you well informed about capital market conditions? And When you  are aware of  the market shortfall? it seems clear now that financial literacy should not be taken from granted, even in countries with very developed financial markets(Lusardi and Mitchell,2011) In fact, answering these kinds of financial question correctly  are associated with the higher chance of favorable planning.> 

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Professional Bodies


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    Iranian Accounting Association(IAA)

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    Iranian Association of Internal Audit(IAIA)

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    Management Science Association

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