Corporate Rating Department

  • RPMRG try to produce and maintain RPCO’s ratings methodologies for all sectors including corporate, financial institutions, structured finance, infrastructure, and public finance including non-profits. In this regard, Corporate Ratings Criteria is updated and modified for firms as first stage,.
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  • RPMRG is a non- profit institute that provides analytical services and operates under the principles of:
  • Independence
  • Confidently, and
  • Transperancy
  • Methodology
  • To assessing Iranian firms, we gather information about firm (financial and non-financial), industry, capital market, debt market, Central bank, and other organization that released our needed information for rating. We try to assess firm as a timely manner and is intended to be comparable across industry groups and country.
  • RPMRG has historically maintained separate and well-established rating scales for Listed firms as the first stage


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  • We invite you to contact us to see how we can help your firm achieve a level of growth you might not have imagined possible

  • Professional Bodies


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    Iranian Accounting Association(IAA)

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    Iranian Association of Internal Audit(IAIA)

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    Management Science Association

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